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Why is a Healthcare Power of Attorney Important?

As a Summerville probate attorney, I have helped many people who needed to complete a Health Care Power of Attorney (PoA) for themselves or a loved one.  The purpose of a Health Care PoA form is to allow someone else to make medical decisions on your behalf should you be unable to make them yourself. Though [...]

What is a Living Will and Why is it Useful?

It has been 11 years since the landmark Terri Schiavo case was decided in 2005.  As most memories tend to be more easily forgotten the older they become, it is no surprise that many people today still don't plan for and sign a living will. For those that don't remember the case, Mrs. Schiavo was [...]

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Heir’s Property Law in South Carolina

If you've been in the Summerville or Charleston area long enough, you've probably heard the phrase "Heir's Properties".  Many people, including those living on or with a claim to heir's property, may not be sure what it means. After the Civil War, many African-Americans purchased or were deeded land around the Lowcountry.  Many of these [...]

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