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What You Need to Know About Special Referees in South Carolina

In South Carolina, certain types of circuit court cases are not decided by a judge. Instead, these cases are referred to a master-in-equity, who “is entitled to all the benefits and subject to all the requirements of the South Carolina Bar and the rules of the Supreme Court in the same respect as circuit court [...]

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Understanding Charging Orders Under South Carolina Law

Suppose you secure a judgment in court, and the defendant (who is now your “judgment debtor”) refuses to pay. In most cases, enforcing a judgment involves garnishing an individual judgment debtor’s wages or salary, securing and foreclosing on a judgment lien, or asking the court to use other means (such as the threat of jail [...]

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What is a Charging Order in South Carolina?

As an attorney located in Summerville, South Carolina, I am often asked to explain a charging order. Law Dictionaries have included a “charging order” definition since 1904.  The advent of Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) has increased the need to understand charging orders. Keep in mind that the law governing LLCs is still evolving. In this article, [...]