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What Terms Should You Negotiate in Your South Carolina Commercial Real Estate Lease?

Whether you are starting, expanding, or relocating your business in Summerville, one of the first steps you need to take from a legal perspective is to negotiate the terms of your lease. Commercial leases tend to be lengthy and complex (often unnecessarily so), and they are almost universally heavily one-sided in favor of the property [...]

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How Do You Clear Title to Heir’s Property in South Carolina?

Heir’s property (or “heir property”) is a unique concept that can create unique challenges for property owners and prospective buyers. As explained by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA): “Heir property refers to land that has been passed down informally from generation-to-generation. In most cases, it involves landowners who died without a will. Heirs’ property [...]

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Co-Owning Real Estate in South Carolina: Should You Choose Tenancy in Common or Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship?

When two people intend to jointly own a piece of real estate, they have two primary options for doing so: (i) they can hold the property as “tenants in common;” or, (ii) they can hold the property as “joint tenants with rights of survivorship.” While these terms may sound archaic and overly-complicated (and, to a [...]

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What is a Suit to Quiet Title in South Carolina?

When someone sells you a piece of property, you expect them to actually own the land they are selling. But, while this is usually the case, there are a number of circumstances that may lead to a person unknowingly or unintentionally selling a piece of real estate that they do not legally own.

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A Primer on Title to Real Estate in South Carolina

Owning real estate in South Carolina comes with privileges and responsibilities. For many people, it comes with questions as well. For example, many people have questions about what it means to hold “title” to a piece of real property. How is titled property different from non-titled property? What is title insurance? Do you need it? [...]

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What You Need to Know About Special Referees in South Carolina

In South Carolina, certain types of circuit court cases are not decided by a judge. Instead, these cases are referred to a master-in-equity, who “is entitled to all the benefits and subject to all the requirements of the South Carolina Bar and the rules of the Supreme Court in the same respect as circuit court [...]

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Protecting Your Property from Adverse Possession in South Carolina

If you’re like most people, your home is your most valuable asset. It’s an excellent investment that not only gives you a comfortable place to live but also can potentially make some money in the future. For that reason, it’s important to protect it at all costs. Being aware of the dangers of trespassers is [...]

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What Is an Easement in South Carolina?

Imagine that you’ve found the perfect starter home on a charming plot of land. You’ve acquired the property, you’re starting to unpack, and you’re looking forward to doing some nesting in your new house. Then, you see one of your neighbors driving across your property on the way to run errands. A little frustrating, right? [...]

What You Need to Know About Deeds and Property Transfers in South Carolina

For many people, terms like “deeds” or “property” bring to mind games of Monopoly around a table with friends or family. While the game of Monopoly does give some insight into the world of property deeds, understanding property deeds go far beyond their use in a children’s board game. Indeed, property deeds have very real [...]

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The Ins and Outs of Property Titles in South Carolina

The success that people experience with owning and transferring property can be heavily influenced by a title they have and how they are affected by the law. Real property stands out among alternatives by aiming to show who owns a house, apartment and similar establishments, and attorneys such as Watts Law Firm PA serves to [...]

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