Estate Planning in South Carolina When You Don’t Have Children

Estate planning for after death is incredibly important, especially for your loved ones. 56 percent of Americans claim they don’t have a will. Typically, belongings are passed to a surviving spouse or children. But what if you don’t have any children? If you don’t have a will. Your estate might end up with family members [...]

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Why You Should Draft a Will in South Carolina

As an estate planning attorney in Summerville, SC, I know that planning for when you’re gone is a scary but necessary action to take. Plenty of people wait until the last moment to think about what will happen to their belongings when they’re gone. That, however, is not an awesome idea. Considering that you don’t [...]

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Why Should I Sign a Living Will in South Carolina?

What would you do if someone you loved had been in a severe accident and was now on life support? Would it take more courage to keep them alive or to pull the plug? Who in your family would get to decide? What if it were you who was critically injured and now on life [...]

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